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Following the excellent response to the first phase of the Seed Scheme, the second phase will begin on 24th January. The price per item is being reduced from £1.50 to £1 plus postage and packing. Despite the number of items already sold out, the generosity of our donors means that we still have valuable seeds left. Some are from new raisings or seedlings which have not yet featured on the showbenches; others are from plants which are in short supply and therefore do not appear often at the shows. Even if you have already ordered seeds in the first phase, you may submit another order for up to 15 packets in the second phase. The Seed Scheme will continue until the end of February, when any remaining stock will be handed over to the Secretary. It may then be purchased by members at the shows. Where possible, new members may also receive one or two packets when they join the Society in an attempt to provide some experience of our plants without having to wait for a whole season. We offer our sincere thanks to all the donors who are not only making it possible for the Society to offer benefits such as an enlarged and profusely illustrated edition of the 'Argus' to existing members but, by their generosity, are also fostering the enthusiasm of new members.

23rd January 2022


The 'Anomalous Primula' group includes all those primroses and polyanthus which vary from the usual forms. It includes Hose-in-Hose, Jackanapes, Galligaskins, Oak Leaf, Striped and numerous others, some forms dating back to Elizabethan times. Members who have attended our shows, particularly the Saltford Show will have seen the extensive range of modern plants of this type bred and exhibited by Dr Margaret Webster. Seeds from some of these plants are listed with illustrations in the current Seed List. Margaret is keen to form a group of growers who would like to breed more new varieties, rather than just growing the existing ones. It is not possible to offer plants. You will need either to use varieties which you already have in your collection or to grow plants from seed. If you would be interested in joining such a group, please contact Allan at:

Posted 23rd January 2022


Since last Spring, we have run two sets of Zoom meetings, one for some of the old hands who regularly put up plants at the shows and a further one for newer members who because of the pandemic have not been able to attend a show, to see the plants or to chat to established exhibitors about plants and how to grow and show them. The first newcomers' meetings were aimed chiefly at introducing all the groups of primulas and auriculas and providing illustrations of good (and a few bad) examples of the various types, along with views and ideas from a small band of established growers. On the completion of the first run, we received requests to continue the get-togethers with a view to exchanges of thoughts and experiences gained from growing on plants in a very wide range of climate and geographical localities in addition to questions concerning future developments such as hybridisation and composts with reduced peat content. It has been interesting to hear the opinions of enthusiasts from places as far apart as the south coast of Ireland to the east coast of New Zealand.

The initial proposal for these Zoom meetings was sent out last year in an E-Bulletin. If you did not take up the offer then, we would now like to open out these sessions to include anyone who might like to swap thoughts with growers both old and new. Whether you are a known figure amongst the regular prizewinners in the exhibition classes, a keen grower of European or Asiatic primulas or an enthusiast for the decorative value which plants such as p. sieboldii and the candelabras can add to a garden border, someone would like to hear about what it is that keeps you keen, how you succeed, where you might do better and how you think the plants can be most effective. If we cannot meet up physically, we can still see each other, put a name to a face and exchange views on what we love. If you would like to sample the meetings, all you need is a computer with a camera and microphone, a tablet such as an iPad or a smartphone, the free Zoom app and a free evening every few weeks. There is no charge for joining in but the scheme is open only to members of the NAPS Midland and West. If you are interested, please contact Allan at:

6th January 2022

The 2022 Membership
can now be paid

The Membership renewals at the level of £15 for all membership types can now be paid through the website.

The increase to the membership fee was agreed at the 2018 AGM to come into effect for 2020.

If you choose to pay through paypal there is a £1.50 charge to cover paypal expenses. Please ensure to pick the most appropriate membership type for you, as it helps the Society gauge membership numbers more accurately.

Posted 30th of September 2021

The Show Pictures for the 2019 Shows have been uploaded to the website.

It was a stop start year for Exhibitors and growers. The Primula show was packed with primulas, Saltford had goodly numbers in almost all sections. However the mini heatwave over Easter meant that few, if any, plants held up between the Saltford and later Knowle show. This resulted in many fresh exhibits appearing between shows which showed the depth of collections. Sadly the heatwave would also appear to have put past their best those exhibits destined for the Striped and Fancy sections which became thinner at Knowle. There are still nearly 250 pictures of card winning Exhibits for the Knowle show which was a great result.
Congratulations to those growers who succeeded on the showbench this year, particularly those new Exhibitors in the Novice classes who succeeded in making it the largest section at Knowle.

There are nearly 700 show pictures for 2019 which can be found via the INDEX TO ALL ILLUSTRATED SHOWS near the bottom of the Site Map on the Home page.

Posted 13th July 2019

for 2019 onwards
Fancy Auriculas are now included in classes 91 and 93

The main changes are that the following combinations are allowed
      Class 91, 4 Plants: 2 Double Auriculas (dissimilar varieties) and either 2 Striped Auriculas (dissimilar varieties) or
      2 Fancy Auriculas (dissimilar varieties) or 1 Striped and 1 Fancy Auricula

      Class 93, 1 Edged Show Auricula; 1 Self Show Auricula; 1 Light Centre Alpine; 1 Gold Centre Alpine; 1 Double Auricula;
      1 Striped Auricula or 1 Fancy Auricula

      This will also be covered in an article by Allan Guest in the Spring News Letter.

Posted 21st February 2019

Announcing new additions to website uploaded on 4th January 2018


for 2016 onwards
A revised Exhibitors' Handbook is now available to view prior to its planned distribution to members with the Society Newsletter.

The revised handbook contains only the Rules, Standards and Guidelines for the Knowle and Saltford shows.

The main changes are that
      - three pip plants are allowed in Edged Show Auricula single pot classes
      - three trusses are required for Border Seedling classes and five trusses for other Border classes
      - Gold Laced Polyanthus no longer need to have their immature pips removed
      - all pots must be round and terracotta in colour
      - exhibitors can show in the Beginners classes provided that they have not won five or more first prizes at NAPS shows in preceding calendar years.
Otherwise the revision is for clarity and accuracy. Read the parts of interest to you and be up-to-date.
Many thanks to Allan Guest and his helpers for all their hard work and expertise.

The Show Schedules and directions to venues for the Knowle, Saltford and Romsley shows have not changed and are available on the Information For Exhibitors web pages.

Posted 10th February 2016

Show Organisation

Deputies are required on show days for Catherine Parsons and Lynn Guest who run the Show Desk.

Please contact Neil Tyers if you are interested in helping.

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